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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PST

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lights it everyday so let's give a special shout out to joe landlord/tenant so will you all count down from 5 5 example 4, 3, 2, 1. >> yeah. happy holidays everybody may there be lots of love in our holiday season and get out and play and enjoy our paradoxes thank you very muchyour paradox thank you very muchparadoxes thank you very muchaparadoxes thank you very murparadoxes thank you very muchparkparadoxe musparadoxes thank you very muchparksradoxes thank you very mu thank you very muchdoxes thank you very muthank you very muc
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test. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'd like to call to order the san francisco public utilities commission meeting today's is december 9, 2014, roll call please. commissioner president caen commissioner vietor commissioner moran commissioner courtney is on his way we have quorum. >> commissioners, i have the minutes of november 12th any additions or corrections seeing none. >> i'll move any further discussion any public comment all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed the motion carries at this time, i'd like to call for general public comment of those items not on the agenda
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today seeing none, i'll move along to communication commissioner any comments? on 5 a the advanced calendar i'd like to ask of the commissioners, if you could review that before we set the next agenda to make sure we're up to date on those i don't think we've looked at those and sometimes those get stale or should be moved forward i'm looking at my notes just a moment oh, under 5 e the large development projects when are they slated to start is that
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2016 or before? >> sorry eleanor dope manager i'm assuming you're referring to the two projects the warriors update and the market street update the two new projects that are included ♪ report we don't have a status when those projects will be constructed for the market street 950 market street project we anticipate that a water supply sf net will be brought to the commissions in january of next year to look at the water supply needs but all the projects are include in the 2013
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study we've identified water to serve those developments >> thank you for the report. >> oh, i'm sorry ellen as part of the assessment will we get a sense of what the design with regards to conservatism efficiency anything they're proposing. >> they have to propose that in their water supplies and how they intend to meet them there's conservatism and have to include that in the water supply assessment of. >> so we'll get that for 950 and warriors. >> yes. although you won't have to make determinations on the woirdz because there was a determination in the summer location but we can certainly pull that information and bring it forward to you. >> if we could hear idea on the
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design especially in light of where we were in light of our water drought. >> good point. >> moving on to another commission business commissioners any other business i'd like to worry about everyone a happy holidays i was going to do it at the end of the meeting but no one is here (laughter) so moving on to little report of general manager. >> oh, number 6 item 6. >> oh, sorry. >> the most important thing i forget so sorry ted donna read the resolution this is a
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resolution to todd todd you noticed we have on bow ties in our honor? >> whereas the san francisco public utilities commission recognized and honors for outstanding service as chief financial officer for the services overseen the finance technology and customer service center and human resources and records management and internal controls and whereas a strong and instead approach to the significant ability for the department to provide efficient and water for 2 point of million consumers and water treatment for over 8 hundred and 40 thousand customers and power and municipal consumers within the sfivengs e san francisco ethics commission of turlock and the
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irrigation districts and the hallmarks for the management of the city's largest municipal bond moving from the lowest cost on record to support the puc capital programs and the transparency that resulted in the agency maintaining that's t it's he high bond ratings and whereas it allowed us to develop the letters for the affordability and the debt administration and technology and the approvals of the agencies two year capital plans and multiple years power and sewer and packets and whereas, he dedicated his services during the emergency and the subsequent cost recovery phase and they managed the audits and phases and the audit hetch hetchy
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systems was built and whereas, he brought distinction to the agency for the director of budget analysis and accounting in the controller's office city of oakland acting director and other finance detriment over 20 years from iowa stanford university and whereas todd has served this effort alsoly with excellence and his agency wishes him by the evidence in his now role now be thereby be it resolved that todd has our highest honors and deepest respect and highest gratitude (clapping.) i just want to say through the president and the chair thank you very much everything that
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was written was a team effort with people i work with many could rise up in business services their leadership team as a public utilities commission it axiliary and starting with our general manager and our manager democrat carlene and was we're doing and what we've done is incredible the capital program in magnitude from a rebuild to the rim fire a lot of that stems from our leadership and tone at the top it's been a real pleasure to sincere with the commission and the team led by harlan keeling so thank you very much it was an honor thank you (clapping). >> todd if i could come up here so we could have a photograph
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oh, just in time laura there's nothing like a camera. >> before we take pictures i'd like to present i am had with another ward so since we have vince with two ties. >> why not take the pictures first and some other things to talk about. (laughter). >> kelly.
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>> okay todd you might as well stay up here i'm going to present you with another ward i consider myself fortunate to have a great commission and great staff to see one of the great staff leaving the organization is a tremendous loss but benefit to the city one of the things we wanted to do we feel so passionate about our work we feel we wanted to be like you so that's why everyone on the senior team has a bow tie
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they're that's our signature mark, in fact, it's a requirement whoever replaces you have a bow tie i want to bestow on you, the highest ward i congressional o on this gave two one to my mom but i want to present you with this award it talks about the things in the resolution but it talks about the pride we have and the leadership you've given us in the times we needed financial stability and although a loss you're in the controller's office our new best friend i appreciate working with you it's been a great joy thank you very much
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(clapping). >> but you can go back and - or you can stay i wanted to say a couple of words as well i came other than the commission right around when todd become the puc it was not an easy thing to understand the many moving parts that make up the san francisco public utilities commission and i wanted to express my deep appreciation to todd the way he's be able to simplify and explain finances in a way that are understandable and integrated into the policymaking i want to further express my appreciation for the support in the environmental realm with keep that in mind and the green bonds that you're dealing with the prooirn the clean power and
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the number crunch and just from an environmental prospective i want to express my appreciation thank you todd. >> and todd for me as finance chair i'm losing my right hand man no double you've been invariable i say to people he can explain anything to a cart peril so i look at our move is like a putter i have to say a little brother but he'll be close my great appreciation to you and your service to this commission. >> and madam chair all of chief financial officer has a certain
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aura like the part of what todd has distinguished himself is taking that kind of expertise and background hates a that's a start point he thinks outside the confines of accounting and really look at how to do business how we may want to improve doing business i was talking to ed harrington and todd yourself name come up he was saying part of tosdz role to simply keep us from doing stupid stuff and that's frankly a huge benefit we can get so head down involved in the nitty-gritty of doing business it takes someone to sit back and makes sense ever this so having that kind of
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judgment is a huge contribution so thank you. >> thank you, again todd. >> i have too many papers in front of me nicole i'm very sorry i missed our speaker cards so if you could come to the speaker. >> thank you commissioner president caen no problem the speaker cards was actually for an item under our hetch hetchy 10 year quarterly report before i get to that i want to express my thanks to todd for the whole system and the work he's done in financing your major capital projects it's its much larger than they've been so this
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reporting is something we've been working with our staff to get the regular reporting he and the reporting showed a helpful progress that bring our staff this commission as a policy body and your constituents up to tracking the program as we look at a few during the course i want to make and comments first, the correction is there's one project be titled c h-1002 and the title of it is incorrect one of the things from the outside it's helpful 0 look at the various comes at a time so as you adapted the process last year and that process is called the mountain tunnel project it's not titled correctly and as things go through it's important you have that level of
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consistency and the other thing i mean how we pay our share of foolts is it a water facility or a power or a joint facility this quarterly report incorrectly identifies the mountain tunnel project that project is correctly clarified as joint but in the project it is shown as a water project that is again not as a got you but why it is so important to develop a common understanding of the projects clarification of the mocking son-in-law joint asset is a current debate between san francisco and the boston agencies and we've disputed the clarification of the lower cherry it is a water project we believe that 3 project must be seen the power classification and it is the joint classification it is important for the project we support our
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efforts this is a long going conversation how to move forward with our cip so we can pay our share and be supportive of that so thank you very much. >> thank you before i move to the report of the general manager i have 6 speaker cards up here and i'm going to ask do they all relate to 7 c if they don't just raise your hand after each item under the general manager's report so mr. kelly. >> okay. the first update is on the drought ellen.
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>> go ahead. >> okay thank you okay ellen deputy manager for the water enterprise and skip is at a meeting so i'll provide the information for the first slide the last time i presented you to lo last month, a article in the l.a. times showing you the top surveys for the most of october in the bay area this is the top 10 you'll notice the first 7 are all customers that we serve so we're doing quite well here it gives us our reservoir storage one of the things the total storage is 73.8 percent of
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where it is normally normally around 87 percent in totaled capacity now we're at 5 of that's larger due to our dependence on the water bank the storms last week and the red line pumped us up we're above the 7 line and gloss dots medium line i've added a couple of new slides to show you the distribution of precipitation we get over the 12-month period starting in october and it shows you historic nichlz how many inches we get during the most as you can see from the country system that represents the hetch hetchy system that october we were close to mean but we fell
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behind in notch and in december despite the storms last week quite heavy rain we didn't get as much as in the bay area but we're 20 percent there for the month of december and the storms coming this week i'll talk about should bring us to the means of the december. >> here you can see the bay area precipitation index this relies on the east side side and on the other side like i said december brought us duo close to the one hundred percent of the means the storms we're accepting expelling are towards the end of the week 9 preparation we will
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be close to the means this slides shows you again tracking our 10 percent reduction the last week was november 25th to december 1st and folks were home for thanksgiving we did well showing we're well below a 10 percent and the cumulative savings were pretty well above the mark for the savings for the calendar year our current outlook we've got a good outcome we have a ways to go we're continuing to up our customers for 10 percent that needs to continue through 2015 under no circumstances out of
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the drought with that in mind we have two protection projecting programs that are going to begin their leveraging automatic weather programs and using the infrastructure the backbone infrastructure to bring data into our system one the first one will be a pilot leak program this program will do it will notify the customers based on the data from the automatic water systems so month people's home they go to sleep and outline your water should be turned off we'll tell if that doesn't happen and be able to contact the customers that he let them know it would be a toilet running a few set left on the pilot of that program will
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be up and ready to go and the second pilot program a detection system we'll again use the water meter infrastructure to place the devices for main breaks or leaks in the system and that will pinpoint where the leaks are so we can do the repairs before they become breaks with that, i'll entertain any questions. >> how are the customers going to be notified. >> excuse me. we're looking at right now what we want to do it used an out bound calling system where they detective a phone call it's a recorded message that tells them they have a leak and detailed why we suspect that we can use letters we prefer not to if we can
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develop a system for automatic the letter can take a few days and the leak would be worse in 3 days. >> and then do we offer to help find the leak. >> we've been talking how to offer the program generally when someone has a leak in hair home if they've not been able to discover it they'll get their water bill it will be high and they'll call us we'll go out and do on inspection but it the homeowners responsibility to fix the leak but we'll help to find the leak we're in discussions about what to offer in terms of finding the leaks if they need the assistance but that's how the program works today
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okay commissioners mr. kelly. >> oh, no, go ahead. >> i have a question of we have a ways to go how far do we have to go to get out of the woods we've got years of brought ahead of us we're keep in the hole and those storms it will take significant rainfall for us to get current. >> we need to fill our system by jill first, i think the water bank is the place to make room in order to get ourselves out of the hole so in terms of how much precipitation is that we can talk about that the next time and give you a better since e.r. sense of our obligations with the district and how it comes together. >> i think we should start those conversation especially next month when we see where we
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are. >> yeah. >> on the note notifications a couple of thoughts that one example of over here i took a chance to answer my phone it was a roller call you lose what's in there for a property it would be better to get a written notice that's my preference but you can think about that and talk to people. >> the present comes to all we can use more than one method to reach the customers the best thanks. >> commissioners any more questions thank you for the report. >> okay. the next item is the
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storm report and i'm sure you're aware of several days ago we had a upheaval storm that impacted a lot of the of the neighborhoods especially in the low lying areas a lot of it had to do with catch baselines being clogged we have a press conference explaining the upcoming storm that will happen tomorrow and it's going to be you know immense rain with wind sow we'll have 23 thousand catch basins around the city we've asked agencies to clean out the catch basins and other areas for flooding so we also have asked the citizens of san francisco if you have leads or debris on our
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sidewalks please clean it up that will clog the catch basins and if you see a catch basin if you can remove the leaves or debris to get that undergoing if not call 311 and it is a life safety issue call 9-1-1 we put that message out there with that, tommy give our presentation. >> thank you boss good afternoon, everyone. commissioners and madam chair tommy assistant general manager for the wastewater enterprise can i get the power point. >> this is 6 days of the storm is 7th day is a break and the second column on the left is areas we monitored with the rain gages so one it the southeast plant on the left and on


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